World’s Oldest Man

He is called Mr. Mbah Ghoto from Indonesia, he is believed to be the oldest man on planet earth. He says he has lived more years than his four wifes with whom they have ten kids.

“I have lived this long because I have people to take care of me” He told BBC

According to official government documents is that, Mbah Gotho is 145 years, he was born on December 31, 1870.

“We believe his documents are legal, according to the governments documentation we believe those are his official birth date,” says Wahyu Wiyanto a government official.


Mbah Ghoto comes from central Java island where he is very much respected and ranked as a hero

“During the independence time he was invited to narate what happend during the war time. he can narate to you what happend during the war between Japan and Holland during the colonia,” says Wahyu Wiyanto.

His grandson says his grandfathor doesnt have special meals and he is not stuborn.

“He only asked us to buy him tomb stone for his burrial Kitu,” he said, the old man says for now he is running out of enargy and he doesnt expect to live for more years.

“I don’t have enargy like before, walking is a problem. I was a farmer and would go fishing at the river, I don’t want to stay for too long that’s why I have already prepared my grave,” he says “I want to die but I think its not yet my time.”

According to Guinness Book of Record is that the person who lived many years was  Jeanne Calment  from France who lived 122 years and died in August 1997.

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