Twitter family attack Murkomen over his sentiment

By Henix Obuchunju

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has had it rough today when netizens from twitter could not hold their anger anymore, Mmurkomen, a former university lecturer tweeted on how NASA Had not yet dropped a bombshell as earlier claimed by lead NASA senior counsel James Orengo on the election fraud and irregularities in the just concluded elections.

Below is the tweet and the replies

KIPCHUMBA MURKOMEN‏Verified account, Four (4) hours gone. Wapi Bombshell?

  1. Peter Mugah‏ @otuoma31 1hReplying to @kipmurkomen The Bombshell has passed and gone through your teeth!!!
  2. Ochigah‏ @ochiengmugah @kipmurkomen How will you know. You thought it’s NYS ama Eurobond Reply Direct message
  3. Dr Kenneth Wameyo‏ @wameyokw @kipmurkomen Iko kwa server. Hollywood hauoni movie ? soundtrack missing to create bombshell au vipi? Tutumie Tear gas vehicles huko njee Direct message Replying to @kipmurkomen Yes sleeping lawyer , practicing via twitter Martin‏ @BModhimart 1h1 hour ago Replying to @kipmurkomen U will never understand because you were never keen

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