Statement by Miguna Miguna: I wasn’t accompanied by any immigration officers

Good afternoon, I would like to correct the false assertion attributed to “government sources” that “immigration officers accompanied Miguna all the way to Canada!”

That’s both a blatant lie and a ridiculous claim. Those advancing it might be doing so as a ploy or clever conduit to steal public funds.

The furthest the multitude and heavily armed flying squad and purported immigration officers accompanied me was up to the entrance of the KLM plane to Amsterdam.

The allegation that the heavily armed goons who had abducted held me in forceful incommunicado detention for five days and subjected me to cruel and inhumane conditions “handed me over to the immigration officers who then deported me” is also materially false and misleading. The flying squad goons were their throughput and held on to me up to the entrance of the KLM plane!

None entered the plane with me!

On arrival at Amsterdam, I was met with a security officer at the Schiphol International airport and he took me to immigration where I sat for three to four hours as they investigated the claims by the illegitimate Jubilee government.

However, the Dutch immigration officers soon realized that they had been misled by the illegitimate Kenyan authorities and they let me go.

They laughed off the baseless allegation of me being “an unwanted person in Kenya” and the impression that had been created that I was a member of “an organized criminal gang.”

That’s why I was with Apollo Mboya’s sister-in-law alone when I spoke with him by phone at the Schiphol International Airport.

I intend to sue all responsible parties for breach of privacy rights for unlawfully publishing and disseminating copies of my passports, images and that of protected personal details without my consent; unlawful invasion of my privacy, personal space, sanctity and home; unlawful arrest and detention; torture and cruel, degrading and inhumane treatment; defamation of character, reputation and professional integrity and standing; wanton and willful destruction of personal property; illegal search and seizure; abrogation of numerous constitutional rights, among others. My advocates have firm instructions to proceed. Thanks.

– Dr. Miguna Miguna

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