Muslim Leaders condem the disappearance of Terror suspects

Muslim leaders have expressed their concerns over the reports of human rights violations ranging illegal arrests, detention and enforced disappearances of terror suspects.

Led by Sheikh Muhamad Swalihu who is the Chairman of Council of Imams and Preachers (CIPK) in Nairobi County, the leaders say in the last four months, they have recorded a total of eight cases of people being picked from the streets and their work places and disappeared without trace while others found murdered.

They have threatened to engage international bodies such as The United Nations Rapporteur on enforced disappearances and extra Judicial killings and the International Criminal Court ICC to investigate these alleged crimes.

While agreeing with government measures to curb terrorism, the leaders have affirmed that the rule of law must be followed including giving the suspect a right to appear in court.

Story by Fellix Asoha

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