Kibra can go beyond harambees to elevate misfortunes – Eliud Owalo

Most families in Kibra are faced daily with the hardship of settling medical expenses for their loved ones or arranging a funeral for their lost one.

For people who have no insurance and are faced with financial hardship and live in immense poverty, face financial hardship and indebtedness, compounded by the pain of losing a loved one is too much to bear, bearing in mind of the bills to be settled.

But for one aspiring Kibra MP,Eliud Owalo has prioritized to have a solution to this menace by willing to help families from the area pay for either medical or funeral expenses. Eliud has been visiting different bereaved families to give condolences at the trying times in the community.

This has been seen as a community effort where they gather together to raise funds to help the bereaved families to see their loved ones get a decent send-off. He aspires to come up with a sustainable plan for the people of Kibra and asking for their support to make this a reality.

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