A Killer Pimple, This is My Cancer Story. Make me smile – again

My name is Judy Kwamboka Ogeto. I’m scared, I’m pissed, I’m thirteen, and I’m fighting for my life. It’s an ugly story.

Here it is. It was on October 2016. And I was just getting about my studies in school. I had a mild headache here and a nosebleed there – for a moment, I thought it could fade away. But no, it didn’t.

A week, two, then three went by, and still, I wasn’t sleeping through the night. Restless; not in any pain, just not sleeping, and I hadn’t been eating all that well, either. Due to its persistence, my mother suggested that we visit the local health center for a minor check up. An examination showed that I had ‘a pimple-like lump’ under my nose and blood samples were to be taken from the pimple for testing – results showed nothing.

I get back home and the condition worsens. Now, the pimple has since burst and a wound formed. Half of my face is rotten if I’d use that. I have challenges in breathing. And I have been rendered half-blind since my right eye has been covered by the wound. On 10th January 2017, exactly three months since I contracted this ‘mysterious disease’, through well-wishers, I had the opportunity to access further examination of my condition at Kijabe Mission Hospital.

Later in the afternoon of Wednesday, January 11, we got a phone call from the doctor with the ultimate bad news: the examination showed a large tumor adjacent to the ethmoid bone and the nasal septum. This still left a lot of ambiguity, but there was little doubt, despite the details, that it was cancer.

I want you to all know that I am ready to fight this thing. I have so many who love me, and I have so much to fight for. The last few days have been surreal and quite honestly, some of the hardest of my life. I’ve already learned so much about myself, life, and love. I know this cancer thing is going to be a great teacher in my life. I’ve decided to allow it to do just that, but at the same time, will be doing everything in my power to kick it the heck outta here.

I’ve had many different moments the last few days. I have felt intense fear and anxiety to the point of physical sickness, but also moments of sweet peace and thankfulness. It’s quite a roller coaster, a scary one that quite frankly I would really like to get off of. PS:

This story has been written on behalf of Judy by myself. We look, through concerted efforts to raise funds for her medical care. Since her diagnosis, even with the help of well-wishers, her medical bills along with other costs have been and are still accumulating. As her situation worsens and hospital visits increase, especially with a major surgical procedure ahead, we anticipate many more expenses to come in the upcoming weeks.

In this unfortunate phase of Judy’s life, we are reaching out for any help we can give her. We appreciate any amount you are able to donate in helping her in this battle against cancer. Please keep her in your prayers and help us spread the word.

You can also send your generosity directly to: PAYBILL NO: 575025 ACCOUNT NAME: DORICA NYABOKE OGETO Lastly, we are beyond thankful for the time you have taken to read this campaign for our beloved friend and sister.

Note: It is through the family’s consent, we have shared Judy’s Photos.

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